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Picture #32

Twinned Brazilian Quartz, Three-inches-tall

This next Diamantina crystal shows a more complex structure where several crystals have formed as parallel points.

This is called a Dauphiné twin, named after the French count who first discovered the phenomenon.

I call these “crystal castles” because their towers have such strong architectural forms.

Once again, this all-natural point shows complex striations on every surface.

Energetically, for meditation or healing purposes, the twinned crystals can create a series of powerful harmonic vibrations.

Picture #33

Twinned Arkansas Crystals in Quartz

Three images of parallel points in a single quartz crystal.

Line graphics by Max Woods.

She has drawn three precise pictures of the same Arkansas crystal

as visualized from different directions.

Picture #34

Multiple Twinned Points in a Small Brazilian Crystal

Here’s a close-up image of a Diamantina twin showing the complex structure found on a one-inch area towards the middle of the crystal.

I just cannot get away from the imagery of castles and cathedrals in this particular specimen. In fact, I think that mankind’s preoccupation with towering castles and churches was stimulated by the natural shapes of these ancient architectural crystals.

We will look at that idea in more detail in the volume, Quartz Crystal Castles.

Picture #35

The Nine Of Swords, a 3-inch-tall Arkansas Quartz Cluster

Arkansas offers a variety of quartz crystal colors and shapes with clear rock crystal being predominant.

The crystals are found in a zone that starts near Little Rock, Arkansas and travels west to the Oklahoma border and beyond.

This is America’s premier quartz mining location.

This zone is over 100 miles long and 30 miles wide.

It literally has millions, possibly billions of crystals in the ground.

This special crystal has nine additional crystals growing through the interior in a unique pattern that I call the Nine of Swords.

These are sometimes called penetrator crystals or manifestor crystals.