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Picture #36

One-inch-wide Quartz Cluster from Washington State

When quartz crystals are found in groupings with individual points shooting out in different directions, they are called “clusters.”

This particular one is called a “burr,” named after the shape of the seed burrs found in various plants.

It is neither a large nor a particularly clear crystal, but it has special significance for me.

To put this into context for you, I often spend time talking to my rocks and telling them how beautiful they are.

Until I met this particular stone, I did not know that they had the ability to reply!

This is the first crystal that spoke to me, inside my head.

While it did not say very much, that first time, it had a powerful effect on me.

I met this one-inch wide Washington state milky crystal at the home of one of my friends in Arkansas.

Thomas had given the crystal to his wife Isabella.

She put it on a sunny windowsill in her kitchen.

The first time I visited her home, I walked through the kitchen and glanced at this tiny, rather ordinary-looking stone.

As I saw the Washington Burr for the first time, it stopped me in my tracks.

It said, “Hi. I’m yours.”

I was stunned because I had never heard a crystal talk before.

I did not know it was possible.

Maybe it isn’t possible- maybe it was only my mental projection, or my feelings at work, and not a telepathic communication.

Picture #37

2-inch-tall Carved Quartz Pyramid with Rutile Crystals Inside

 I found that my body and my eyes were absolutely riveted on this little stone.

I decided in that very moment that I just had to have it for my collection.

Well, Isabella thought differently.

She really liked her little three-dollar crystal and did not want to part with it, certainly not for money.

I ended up commissioning a beautifully cut and polished crystal pyramid with golden rays of rutile (titanium oxide) inside which I offered her in trade.

When she saw my hundred-dollar gem, she decided she could part with the Washington crystal after all.

The next time I talked to this crystal, it told me its name.

It said to call it Sol-Star (pronounced Soul Star.)

When I thought about it, the name seemed appropriate.

This tiny crystal, with over 1,000 facets reminded me of the shape of the lotus flower, which has come to symbolize the crown chakra in mankind.

The crown chakra is often known as the star of your soul.

Picture #38

Three-inch-wide Colombian Quartz Cluster

Remember my friend Thomas, who found the SolStar crystal above?

He used to operate a quartz crystal mine in Colombia, South America.

He personally dug this extraordinary little cluster.

It is only three inches wide.

The crystals from this mine exhibit incredible clarity along with gracefully pointed terminations.

I was so impressed by this cluster that I hired a graphic artist to sketch it.

She turned it into a logo for my company letterhead.

Max Woods did a great job and captured the crystal spirit as a wonderful line drawing.

Picture #39

Colombian Quartz Cluster, Immortalized by Max Woods

Max used a special clear acrylic grid to plot out

the spatial relationships of all these points.

This X-Y-Z axis graphic technique  is very accurate.

Picture #40

10-inch-tall Arkansas Quartz “Twin” from the McEarl Mine

When quartz crystals are found in parallel with each other, they are not considered clusters.

We are looking at a single crystal.

It split into multiple points as it grew taller and larger.

Once again, you may be able to see a similarity to some architectural shapes.

This lighthouse has extra towers on its point.

These Dauphiné twins are called parallel twins or multi-terminated crystals.

This type of formation occurs when the crystal contains two overlapping atomic structures that spin off extra points.

These are very energetic crystals that can be used for healing purposes.

Researchers in electronics know that a given size and shape of quartz crystal will create a specific frequency of energy transmission or reception.

This phenomenon is used in crystal radios to pull in broadcast signals.

In the holistic field, a crystal’s individual frequency will appeal to some people but not to others.

If you can tune into this frequency or tone, it will be easy to select your special power stones.

Can you tune in by holding & sensing the stone?

Some people can even feel a crystal’s energy at a distance.

Parallel twin crystals put out groupings of harmonic energies that can resemble a musical chord or symphony.

These complex and energetic interactions can have dramatic effects in a healing context.